You Can Adopt a Piglet at This Western New York SPCA

You’ve heard the adage before – “adopt, don’t buy”.

It is absolutely true. There are many dogs and cats in shelters who are in desperate need of a home. Maybe there is a perception that if the animals are there they don’t behave well, but that’s not the case for many of them.

These dogs and cats were just roughed up and landed there through no fault of their own.

We have a rescue dog named Odessa, who my fiancée and I adopted in 2018. She’s the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet and we still can’t believe she’s ever been to a shelter in such a young age.

Shelters, like the SPCA, don’t just have dogs and cats either. They have other animals to adopt. The Niagara SPCA currently has some very unique animals available for adoption.

According to their Facebook page, the current Niagara SPCA has some adorable piglets available for adoption.

These piglets will reach 200 pounds at maturity and will need a home or sound large enough to accommodate them.

They are so adorable.

Shelters sometimes have animals such as chickens, rabbits, and other non-traditional animals for adoption. It’s always fun to see different types of animals at SPCA locations because it shows us that so many animals still need loving homes.

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