Why Pet Insurance Can Save You Money In The Long Run For Your Floofs

When adopting or purchasing a pet, consideration should be given to potential veterinary expenses and covered from an early age.

When adopting or purchasing a pet, one should consider potential veterinary expenses, especially if their pet is injured or requires medical attention at some point.

Chanelle Williams, COO of management agency P.Uma, which underwrites Dogsure / Catsure, Medipet and Paw Paw, talks with Refilwe Moloto about how pet insurance works.

Williams says sterilization and vaccination costs are now covered by some pet insurance plans.

Breed size may account for higher costs rather than different breeds.

She says it’s not statistically accurate that some breeds end up with higher vet bills than others.

As with human health insurance, the key is to purchase insurance coverage for your pets when they are puppies rather than later, as pre-existing conditions will be excluded from coverage.

If you insure your puppy, he will be covered for life.

Chanelle Williams, Operational Director – Pet Underwriting P.Uma Management Agency

Hear advice from Chanelle Williamns in the audio below:

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