NEW YORK, January 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Veterinarians, a pet care technology platform providing premium in-home pet care and championing a healthy work environment for veterinarians, announced today $40 million secured by seed funding. The round was led by co-founder, Global Target, a leading international investment and brand building firm, PICO Venture Partnersand Bolt Ventures. The Vets is transforming the pet care landscape with a unique business model that offers veterinarians a positive work/life balance and brings “white glove” pet care directly to pet owners in their homes. By marrying technological innovation with exceptional in-home veterinary care, The Vets is redefining the antiquated space of pet healthcare. With this funding, the company will prioritize expanding its recruitment of veterinarians across the country. Veterinarians currently operate in Miami, Tampa, dallas, Austin, Houston, Portland, Seattle, Vegas, denverand announces the launch of New York City today.

With plans to expand to 25 cities by the end of 2022, The Vets is meeting demand from the nearly 106 million U.S. households who own a dog and/or cat, according to the American Pet Products Association (APPA). Founded in 2021 under co-founder Target Global’s venture capital program, the team of co-founders, including the CEO Daniel Sagischief operating officer Dori Fussman, and Target Global are on a mission to transform what it means to care for pets. Following COVID’s popularization of the convenience and safety of in-home services, the company is providing flexibility not only for pet parents, but also for veterinarians and technicians. Bringing back the novelty of the “family vet”, practitioners can sit down with each family to discuss medical conditions and preventative care, observing the animal or animals in their home environment. Additionally, they provide customer education, nutritional information, etc., which is saved in the pet’s profile.

“For too long, veterinarians have been overworked, underpaid and undervalued. Deep down, we believe that happy, healthy pets come from happy, healthy veterinarians,” noted Daniel SagisCEO and Co-Founder of The Vets. “This funding round will further position The Vets as the next generation in pet healthcare, leveraging preemptive technology, allowing us to grow our footprint and enter new markets much more effectively and efficiently. “

As the pet population and market steadily increases, cracks in the pet healthcare system are emerging. The Vets also tackles the growing problem of burnout among veterinarians while ensuring that the animals they treat receive the best care possible. According to AVMA and Association of Veterinary Technician Educators, the turnover of veterinarians is twice that of a doctor, with 35% of veterinary technicians ending up exhausted and half of them leaving the profession within 5 years. To address this growing problem, compared to working 5-6 days and seeing more than 20 pets a day, The Vets is promoting 4-day work weeks and a daily appointment limit for vets to to ensure that their well-being remains a priority.

“I joined The Vets because I was looking for something different from a traditional veterinary clinic. I missed the bond I created with my clients and pet patients, as I had so many appointments All day long.” says dr. Amanda CairncrossVeterinarian, DMV. “Vets have created an environment where I have more time to cultivate relationships. When I am able to help patients or pet parents who cannot physically come to the clinic for help, it’s more rewarding for me.”

Bringing pet health care into the home not only allows the veterinarian to develop stronger relationships with pets and their owners, but the animal is also comfortable in a stress-free environment. Among the top reasons pet owners avoid or postpone their visit to the veterinary clinic, the stress of transporting their pet, restrictive pet carriers, and crowded waiting rooms top the list. The added stress on a pet can lead to inaccurate vital signs during wellness checks, putting them at risk of veterinarians missing or misdiagnosing potential illnesses. Pet owners can take advantage of online booking for highly personalized in-home veterinary visits, eliminating the added stress and anxiety of bringing a pet in for an appointment. anybody.

“As the pet care industry doubles over the next decade, the healthcare system around it is fundamentally flawed,” noted Shmuel Chafetspresident of The Vets and co-founder of Target Global. “We were stimulated by the desire of veterinarians to challenge the $120 billion pet care industry and wanted to create a consumer brand together that would bring real value to veterinarians and pet owners by tackling the problem head-on. »

While The Vets provide an extra layer of comfort at home, they don’t lack in the technical realm – visits feature full diagnostics, including a blood workup and capturing of vital signs. Aggregating data from these comprehensive care visits across the country also allows for more accurate diagnoses and health care predictions, as well as analysis of possible trends by race. Since its inception in early 2021, The Vets has served over 7,000 pets, cementing high customer retention. For more information, visit

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Founded in 2021, The Vets brings pet care to the home. We are a technology-driven veterinary care provider, eliminating undue stress and providing comprehensive pet care in the comfort of your home. We are proud to have a team of industry-leading veterinarians, backed by training, development and advanced medical technologies to provide the most comprehensive healthcare for your pet, all in a stress-free environment. Powered by a group of over 130 employees, we currently operate in 9 cities with plans to expand to 25 by the end of 2022.

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