Turkish Kangal dog becomes second mother of a lamb

A newborn lamb has found an unlikely source for its nursing needs: a Kangal, the famous Turkish canine breed. The lamb, living in a breeder’s stable in Kangal in the dog’s home province of Sivas in central Turkey, frequently visits the gigantic dog to nurse it.

Zabit Bektaş, the breeder from Kangal and owner of the lamb, said that although the lamb had a mother, she apparently could not meet her nursing needs and she turned to the dog, too. a mother. “The Kangal doesn’t complain. These dogs already have an instinct to protect others and she helps it. She has a high suckling capacity and her milk is sufficient for both the lamb and her own litter,” he told Anadolu (AA) agency on Saturday.

The Kangals, possibly the most famous of Turkish dog breeds, are known for their immense size, which has earned them the nickname “Anatolian lion”. They are among the most sought after breeds for their agility, intelligence, loyalty and courage. A watchdog, they are the preferred choice of shepherds around the world for effectively blocking any attack, often without harming animals that prey on flocks.

They are also used for psychological therapy in children, especially those with autism, and for those recovering from drug addiction. Their origin dates back over 6,000 years. They are able to endure the harsh climate of Turkey in winter and the nomadic way of life of the shepherds.

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