TriNet Review – Forbes Advisor

TriNet offers a feature-rich software solution that provides businesses with all the support they may need to administratively manage their employee-centric business. The company is a PEO, so it inherits a shared employer responsibility with the company, where your employees will join the TriNet organization as employees and will be hired out to your company to work with.

The beauty of TriNet’s solution is that it allows business owners to focus on running and growing their business without worrying about payroll processing or employee benefits questions. For some companies this is a dream, while others like to take the time and resources to provide these services directly to their employees.

If a PEO solution is right for your business, then TriNet ranks top of all the options, with its vast amount of service offerings and affordable pricing. While TriNet doesn’t provide generic pricing for all to see, we’ve found that you can expect at least $150 per employee per month for basic payroll and benefits administration.