Top 10 dog breeds in the UK – and which are statistically the most beautiful

In March 2021, it was reported that 3.2 million households in the UK had acquired a pet since the start of the pandemic. This brought the number of UK households with pets to £17million.

But that was a year ago, so the number may now be much higher, despite some people trying to give up their dogs when restrictions ended and they returned to work.

More than half of the new owners were between the ages of 16 and 34, and many got a new pet to reduce social isolation while stuck at home. So what are the most popular breeds to own?

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According to, the most popular dog breeds across the UK as a whole are:

1. Mixed Races

2. Labrador retriever

3. Cockapoos

4. French Bulldog

5. Cocker Spaniel

6. Dachshund

7. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

8. Jack Russell Terrier

9. Border Collies

10. Chihuahuas

11. German Shepherd

12. Golden retriever

13. Shih Tzu

14. Pug

15. Yorkshire Terrier

16. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

17. Labradoodle

18. Beagle

19. English Springer Spaniel

20. Pomeranian

Best dog breeds in Birmingham

And in Birmingham, the top breeds are:

1. Jack Russell Terrier

2. French Bulldog

3. Boxer

4. Cockapoos

5. Beagle

The most beautiful dogs in the world

And what about the most beautiful breeds of dogs? The analysts of applied the golden ratio to some of the most popular dog breeds to determine which breeds come closest to statistically perfect proportions.

The golden ratio is a mathematical formula found in nature, architecture and even music, which indicates a balanced and aesthetic composition. The closer the proportions of each breed of dog are to the proportions of the golden ratio, the more statistically beautiful the breed.


Dog Breed

Golden ratio score


Cairn terrier



West Highland White Terrier



border collie



Rhodesian Ridgeback



Welsh Terrier






toll collector



italian greyhound



norfolk terrier



Pembroke Welsh Corgi


And the least beautiful dog breeds in the world? Here is what the formula said:


Dog Breed

Golden ratio score


Shih Tzu






french bulldog








Salman Haqqi, pet insurance expert at, said: “Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder and regardless of a dog’s breed ranking position, every dog, no matter what shape or size, should be enjoyed.”

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