This powerful Blueair air purifier is 25% off at Amazon

Whether you have allergies or asthma, are sensitive to odors, or live in an area prone to wildfires or air pollution, you could benefit massively from an air purifier. Really, there is no a good reason to need an air purifier, and those who try it tend to convert instantly for life.

If you’re not sure where to start, we can make the decision a little easier: the Blueair air purifier is currently 25% off at Amazon, bringing the price down to just $105. Space-saving and chic, the gray and white device is easy to store under a table or in an unused corner, where it will quickly get to work purifying the air. It can cover spaces up to 912 sq. want to focus.


Buy it! Blueair Air Purifier, $104.99 (original $139.99);

The smart system displays key information via an LED screen, including a simple function that lets you know if your current air quality is excellent, moderate or polluted. You can also choose between several modes and settings, including an auto-detect option. In addition, you can see via an indicator light when the HEPA filter needs to be replaced.

In a single room, the device cleans the air multiple times per hour – and can completely cycle through all the air in a 912 square foot space in just one hour. It uses multiple layers of filtering technology to trap particles and debris including pet dander, dust, odors, smoke and pollen. Anyone who knows the pain of wildfire season or has cleaned out a house with the smell of smoke stuck in knows how life-saving an air purifier can be.

Even at high settings, this purifier is so quiet you might not even notice it’s on. It’s also Energy Star rated as a low-energy device, so running it often shouldn’t produce a big jump on your electric bill.

Amazon shoppers are happy with this air purifier, saying it helps them “breathe easier.” One buyer, who said he had “purchased a second one before,” noted that it “is extremely sensitive to air changes, which makes me happy to see how well it works.”

Another reviewer admitted, “I miss the cheaper air purifiers I’ve purchased in the past,” and called this unit “amazing,” adding that not only does it work perfectly, but it ” looks more like a work of art than an air purifier.” A third five-star reviewer happily said, “Goodbye smoke, hello clean air.”

Try the Blueair air purifier for yourself by buying it from Amazon while the 25% discount makes it a steal.

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