This Farm in One Wall Township, New Jersey Saves More Than Animals

Over the weekend we scoured the Shore area for something to do, something new to explore.

We stumbled across this little farm in Wall Township.

This was a place we had been hearing about for a while but never really checked out until we literally walked past.


This was something, with our two daughters, that we wanted to check out, because, hey, who doesn’t love a petting zoo?

Its mission is very specific. Their mission is to not only help the animals they rescue, but to help people across the community they serve.

This is an organization that does good, twice over.

Now this farm isn’t just a farm. It’s a giant petting zoo, an exploration area for the little ones and a place for birthday parties.

One thing that shocked us was the surprise the lady behind the counter got when we arrived, along with the few other families in front of us.

She asked us how we had discovered them. My wife said we wanted to visit because of their Christmas tree display but could never go because it was full. The lady then said: ‘we don’t know how the word is going but it’s been very busy today’.

After seeing firsthand what their mission was, it was really great to hear new people learning about this great organization.

This superb location, of which I have spoken, is the Allaire community farm.

What is the Allaire Community Farm in Wall Township, NJ?

You are greeted by the sign that tells the whole story of this non-profit organization, “Allaire Community Farm is an animal sanctuary with a mission to ‘nurture through nature’.

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

Kyle Anthony, Townsquare Media

The panel also details how donations contribute to this support and in more depth on their local outreach.

Its mission is to provide programs for people with special needs, veterans with PTSD, people struggling with mental health issues, and local families battling cancer.

When is Ferme Communautaire Allaire open?

Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.
Monday the farm is closed.

We had a fun day exploring the farm as you can see.

Our time at the Allaire Community Farm

We had a great time exploring and learning about the Township of Allaire Community Farm Wall

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