These are the dog breeds that live the longest

In contrast, longer-lived dogs like Yorkshire terriers, Jack Russels, and mutts don’t reach the 1.5 year end-of-life threshold until the animal is 14 years old.

Dr. Kendy Tzu-yun Teng, lead author of the study from National Taiwan University, said: “Dog life tables offer new insights and new ways to examine the life expectancy of dogs. of company. They are also strong evidence of compromised health and well-being in short, flat-faced breeds, such as the French Bulldog and Bulldog.

Dr O’Neill added: “The short life expectancy of flat-faced breeds such as French Bulldogs, shown by the VetCompass Life tables, supports the UK Brachycephaly Task Force’s appeal to all dog owners” stop and think before buying a flat faced dog. ‘.”

Don’t judge a dog by its breed

The study is published in the journal Scientific Reports, and came as separate research from the United States that found that dog breed is not as good a predictor of behavior as previously believed.

Analysis of the genes of more than 2,000 dogs, combined with surveys of their owners, revealed that there was no genetic link between breed and aggression, for example, despite common stereotypes.

They found that on average, only 9% of behaviors are explained by breed, indicating that there is much more individualism than previously thought when it comes to dogs.

The researchers didn’t directly measure aggression because it’s hard to define scientifically, but they looked at the “agonistic threshold,” which indicates how easily a dog responds to a stimulus and shows displeasure. It can be anything from glancing sideways, raising your voice or growling, experts said.

Dr Kathryn Lord, co-author of the UMass Medical School study, said: “We found [agonistic threshold] really wasn’t a very hereditary factor at all.

UMass Medical School biologist Dr Elinor Karlsson added: “We can say that when we looked at this factor which we called the agonistic threshold, which included many questions about how dogs react aggressively, we didn’t see an effect of race ancestry on this particular factor.