The new hunting dog book is instructive

By V. Paul Reynolds Paul Fuller and his wife Susan of Durham, NH are avid and accomplished bird dog trainers and widely traveled upland bird hunters.

By V. Paul Reynolds

Paul Fuller and his wife Susan of Durham, NH are avid and accomplished bird dog trainers and well-traveled upland bird hunters. For many years Paul wrote a monthly column, On Point, for the Northwoods Sporting Journal. He also hosts Bird Dogs on TV and shows on YouTube.

A new book, “21st Century Pointing Dog Training,” is Paul’s latest contribution to the mountain hunting community. The book’s subtitle is Understanding and Loving Your Dog. The book has 12 chapters and covers everything from Understanding Your Dog, to selecting and training puppies, to mountain hunting tactics and, my favorite chapter, Understanding Bird Scent.

In the interest of disclosure, you should know that I review this book with a personal bias. I admire people who possess passion and purpose, people who embrace a calling and methodically dig deep to understand and detail. As a former hunting dog, who still misses his English Setter, Sally, I am also a supporter of hunting dog owners who consider their dogs as pets, as well as hunting dogs. Paul Fuller personifies all of the above.

His DNA would never allow him to finish a book that was anything but exceptional.

The preface to this book sets the tone. Fuller writes, “Understand how your dog thinks, how he communicates, and how much he loves you…if you give love too. We’ll talk about creating the much-needed bond for a quality hunting partner and family member. If you understand and love your dog, obedience and field training will be easier for both of you, the owner/trainer and the dog.

I once knew a wealthy man who bought a large breed hunting dog and had it trained in the field by a professional. The hunter/owner apparently spent little time getting to grips with his acquisition, except when it was time to go on an adventure. The dog and owner didn’t click, and neither hunting partner seemed to be enjoying their time outside. Correct, there was simply no connection between the dog and the man.

Whether you’re an aspiring gun dog owner, a new gun dog owner, or a seasoned upland hunter, this book gives you carte blanche access to Paul’s unlimited knowledge and knowledge of dogs. of hunting, their psychology and their training.

Chapter Ten, Understanding Bird Scent, deserves a Ruffed Grouse Society Emmy! It is divided into four sections: the bird, the diffusion of scents, the dog’s nose and the dead bird. Any upland hunter who has seen an English Pointer or a German Shorthair give off the scent of a woodcock in an alder canopy will find the scientific and physiological explanations in this chapter revealing and insightful.

There is, for example, a scientific reason why a running bird dog can detect a bird scent in the wind that it would not detect by standing still. The phenomenon is called the Bernoulli effect.

You will find the explanation of this and much more in 21st Century Pointing Dog Training by Paul Fuller, published by Bird Dog Productions. The book is available for $24.95 at

The author is editor of the Northwoods Sporting Journal. He is also a Maine guide and host of a weekly “Maine Outdoors” radio show heard Sundays at 7 p.m. on The Voice of Maine News-Talk Network. He is the author of three books. Online purchase information is available at