TAMA’s New Meme Coin Catches Fire As It Raises $11 Million In Four Weeks

The world held its breath; TAMA raised $12 million and is still counting. It is amazing how successful this coin was at the start of the pre-sale, with no stoppage in value growth. This rising star is among the best-selling coins on the market and one of the most attractive coins for new investors.

This is the reason why this potentially superior new coin is so attractive and has enjoyed impressive success for a short period of time. Behind the project are two experienced and knowledgeable developers, Tomas Seabrook, a lead game developer, and Carl Dawkins, a growth manager. They should promise impressive results in the development of crypto and the current creation of a most beloved game. There are rumors that the project is backed by one of the most famous investors, Elon Musk.

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Why is Tamadoge so impressive?

These names are significant since both have already developed P2E games. Both learned a lot about the gaming industry, especially about these types of games. By learning from the mistakes and mistakes made in Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, they improved all the downfalls and created a perfect game. But they won’t stop there. They are expected to create their Metaverse game world called Tamaverse, where players can interact with their pets in an augmented reality environment.

Pets will be accessible in the 2D web environment, but each NFT pet will be associated with a 3D avatar made in Tamaverse. However, avatars and pets are not just a picture of the part. They are a work of art, a unique NFT creation that owners can share, sell and invest in performance. Players could win by creating their pet in this game and amazing game world. Experts claim that it is the best coin to invest in.

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How to buy TAMA?

Playing and creating avatars and pets is simple but infectious, so players will hardly leave their pets alone and turn them into Tamaghost. If you play the game regularly and invest in your pet, it can bring you a lot of fun and winnings. The game is simple and even beginners can play it. The game is based on creating a pet, which the owner will nurture, nurture and grow into adulthood. The game will provide a unique store where players can buy accessories and other necessities, and create new and unique options and appearances, so that the pet will become an NFT piece at the end.

Tamadoge is KYC by Coinsniper, so it is carpet-proof and safe for investors. The smart contract is audited by Solid Proof as an additional security for all investors, even those without exceptional experience in these games. You can buy TAMA from the official website; just follow a simple guide.


To get started, make sure you have a MetaMask wallet installed on your browser or use one of the wallets supported by Wallet Connect (we recommend Trust Wallet).

Shopping on a desktop browser will give you a smoother shopping experience. For this, we recommend Metamask.

If you’re buying on mobile, we recommend using Trust Wallet and logging in via the built-in browser (just copy https://buy.tamadoge.io into the Trust Wallet browser).


Once your preferred wallet provider is ready, click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, you will need to select “Wallet Connect”.

You will then have three options per ETH With Card. This option will allow you to buy ETH which will be sent to your wallet by our partner Transat.

You can then use this ETH to buy TAMA. Click “Buy Eth with Card” to begin and follow the on-screen steps. We recommend buying a minimum of $15 worth of ETH to cover the minimum purchase of TAMA. Buy TAMA with ETH.

Once you have enough ETH in your wallet (if you don’t have ETH or USDT, please select option 1 to buy ETH first), you can now trade your ETH against Tama. Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000) then click “Convert Eth”.

Your wallet provider will ask you to confirm the transaction and also tell you the cost of gas. Buy TAMA with USDT. Make sure you have at least 15 USDT in your wallet before starting the transaction.

Type in the amount of TAMA you want to buy (minimum 1,000). Click “Convert USDT”. You will then be asked to approve the purchase TWICE. The first approval is for the USDT contract and the second is for the transaction amount. Please make sure to follow the two approval steps in order to finalize the transaction.


Once the presale is over, you will be able to claim your TAMA tokens. We’ll post the details later, but you’ll need to visit the main site https://tamadoge.io and click the gold “Claim” button.

Tamadoge Contract

Use the contact information below to add the TAMA token to your wallet.

Address: 0x12b6893cE26Ea6341919FE289212ef77e51688c8

Decimals: 18

Token Symbol: TAM

The game will allow players to compete with other players, which will help them move up the rankings. Also, game owners organize great giveaways where new players can compete for attractive rewards. You will, however, be able to sell your pet and, again, earn by playing the game, which is the key to this project.

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Who will play Tamadoge?

The simplicity of play, the great rewards and the attractive game model promise potential mass adoption in the future. The Play-to-Earn game model has high potential, and this good coin looks much better than any other model in the past. Even 711,000 tokens are sold, and the sale is going much faster than the developers expected. They planned to offer 2 million tokens; half of them are provided during presale. This means that they have almost finished the presale and the price will increase. You should hurry if you want to bite into this success.

When the sale started, the price of TAMA, a token native to the Tamadoge game, was 50 TAMA for 1 USDT. Earlier last week, the price was 44 TAMA for 1 USDT, and now, only a week later, the price is expected to be 40 TAMA for 1 USDT. The value of the token was $0.0025 lower than the next step. Knowing that the currency is in the fourth stage and planned to have 9 stages, you do not have much time to invest in this currency. There are no taxes or other carrier fees so far, so this could be one of the best double money investments this year.

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The engaging game model, catchy and engaging parts of the game, the unique native TAMA token and the affordable prices are the reasons why we see TAMA as a currency with fantastic potential. Hurry up; more than 70% of the coins have already been sold and the price will climb with each new step. The new phase has arrived, so you don’t have much time to become the owner of one of these lucky coins.