Strangers found moving into Maryland couple’s new home refuse to leave

  • A Maryland couple signed a contract on Thursday to buy a foreclosed home.
  • On Friday, there were strangers living in the house with “no trespassing” signs posted.
  • “Right now my clients are very upset and we just don’t know what to do at this point,” the real estate agent said.

On Thursday, a couple signed a contract with a bank to buy a vacant house in Clinton, Maryland. On Friday, mysterious strangers had moved in and refused to leave

The couple – who wish to remain unidentified – first noticed the strangers moving into their new home on Thursday and quickly called their realtor to find out who the new residents were and how they were able to move into the previously foreclosed home, according to WUSA9 .

“She freaked out a bit and called me and said, ‘What’s going on here? ‘” Realtor Melea King said in reference to the woman, according to the local news station.

Just a day after the mysterious tenants arrived, King said they had put up “no trespassing” and “beware of dogs” signs. The news station reported seeing at least two men at the Dragoo Place home on Friday.

When the couple confronted the men on Thursday, they were shown a document the men said was a lease, but King said she doubted its legitimacy. The police were called to investigate the situation.

“Once the police were there, they looked at the lease and it wasn’t accurate. It wasn’t correct,” King said.

However, Prince George’s County police told WUSA9 the odd case was more of a “civil matter” for the sheriff to handle. When reporters from the news station approached the men, they did not receive many responses.

The men claimed the lease belonged to an uncle named “Quinn” but were unable to provide a surname. They declined to answer any further questions.

King said the couple were seeking answers from the bank about how anyone gained access to the house. The house is listed on the Long & Foster Real Estate website as “on hold”.

“Right now my clients are very upset and we just don’t know what to do at this point,” King said. “It shouldn’t take that long to get this resolved.”