Steps employers can take to create a pet-friendly workplace

Just like their human companions, pets have had to put up with a lot during the pandemic – but the silver lining for our furry friends was having more time with the people they love as work went on. from office to home.

Now, as the reopening of offices looms, pet parents are wondering how to handle an impending separation – but they may not have to. In a post-pandemic world, pet-friendly offices can become an essential tool for attracting and retaining top talent, while improving employee mental health and productivity and reducing stress levels.

“What’s important today is very different from what might have been important to a workforce two or even five years ago,” says Katie Blakeley, vice president of pet insurance. at MetLife. “There is a lot of positive reception from working animal parents when their employer offers [pet-focused solutions]. It just helps demonstrate that employers care about the things that are important to employees, including their pets.

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But with pets at work, many questions arise. (What about allergies? What about cleanliness? What about poop?) We sat down with the experts to outline four essential steps to making a pet-friendly office a success, not a distraction.