Silver Fox Dog Rescue receives £ 7,000 boost

A DOG’S shelter received an early Christmas present thanks to the generosity of pet owners.

Bolton’s Silver Fox Dog Rescue has received a donation of £ 6,767 to help the dogs they are caring for this Christmas.

Hundreds of dogs participated in the month-long nationwide virtual fundraising event hosted by Agria Pet Insurance, the ‘Agria Dog Walk’, walking and donating to one of ten rescues of dogs in the UK. The pet insurer then matched each donation, plus an additional amount for each dog protected by Agria Pet Insurance during the event, bringing Silver Fox Rescue’s total to almost £ 7,000.

Claire Underwood, Rescue Administrator, said: “We are extremely grateful to Agria Dog Walk. “We are a rescue of small breed dogs, and although small, these dogs can have huge vet bills.

“For example, we help a lot of Chihuahuas prone to patellar luxations, requiring very expensive surgery to help these little dogs no longer in pain, which will take the pressure off.

Silver Fox Dog Rescue provides a safe space for dogs in need, whether it is an owner surrender due to a change in circumstances or a dog in need of assistance due to a abusive or negligent past. Each dog is fully assessed, rehabilitated and received all necessary veterinary care.

Vicki Wentworth, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance, said: “We are amazed at the incredible generosity shown by dog ​​owners across the UK and their dedication to helping dogs less fortunate than their own. As our Rehoming team see firsthand, the situation with animal rescues is extremely difficult, both for dogs in need of a home and for the amazing people who care for them.

“Our goal with the Agria Dog Walk was to make a difference, but we didn’t expect to raise such a large amount. Thank you to everyone and to their very special dogs, whose kindness will have a huge impact. ”

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