roommate regrets not having intervened before the death

SIOUX FALLS, SD (Dakota News Now) – Yesterday we told you about a man facing felony charges after an “incident” between him and a dog that resulted in the dog’s death.

Last July, a group of four housemates welcomed two puppies into their home, naming them Ocho and Wybie.

Korey Schuld was worried about Wybie, as one of the housemates had lost his temper with him before. On Monday, Schuld said it was worse than ever, then it was eerily quiet except for his roommate.

“Then I heard him cry and I kind of knew what happened,” Schuld said.

She says the cause of the explosion was the dog urinating on the floor.

The noises behind a closed door haunt her.

“I was told to stay out of their business, which is what I was doing, but he did it for about two and a half hours. And then I shut up,” Schuld said.

When the door opened, she saw Wybie.

“I started doing CPR. And I did it for about five minutes. And his mouth was kind of open, so I ran to the kitchen to grab a butter knife,” Schuld said. “And I kind of put it down his throat so I could see out the back, and there was nothing he was choking on. But there was a lot of blood in his mouth.

Sioux Falls police responded to a call to the residence on Monday. His housemate Stephen Mcilwain talked with other housemates about packing up and running away, but chose not to run.

“He came out on his own and sat on the steps kind of accepted it,” Schuld said.

Mcilwain, 21, of Sioux Falls, was arrested for animal cruelty.

“I would have liked to come into the room and take the dog,” Schuld said.

The Sioux Falls Humane Society lists reportable animal cruelty offenses on its website, including lack of food, care, and visible injury.

Schuld wants to emphasize the need for all pet owners to learn CPR for their pets and take action much sooner than she did, a decision she now regrets.