Rising inflation is causing some pet owners to abandon their pets. But there is help available

Animal lovers will often do anything for their pets. But high inflation is forcing some to make tough pet care decisions. Some even abandon their pets to an animal shelter.

Like many animals inside Saint-Hubert Animal Welfare Center in Madison, Deuces, a 13-year-old pit bull, is up for adoption. He was not rescued and he was not a stray. It was abandoned by its owner who experienced financial difficulties.

“Animals are retired. Not pandemic pets – many people think so many pets have been returned that were adopted during COVID. At least here we don’t find that to be the case. But people are giving up their pets for financial reasons,” says Diane Ashton, director of communications at St. Hubert’s.

Inflation is straining pet owners in New Jersey and across the country. He puts people in heartbreaking situations. But St. Hubert’s says help is available through some shelter programs.

“We have an emergency boarding school where if someone loses their job or has a medical condition, they can bring their pet here,” Ashton says. get back on his feet to get his animal back. »

St. Hubert says it’s not about trying to remove the pet from the family and put it up for adoption. The goal is to keep this pet with the family and help preserve that special bond.

“We have our food bank, which provides free pet food,” says St. Hubert’s general manager, Tiffany Barro. “We also have a way to help with some medical costs. So we do our best to keep animals and people together.

Barrow says she hopes owners of struggling pets will come forward and contact the shelter to find out more about the programs on offer.