Protect your future with this tenant insurance

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People rent houses for various reasons. Some do it to wait for a housing market that isn’t so buyer-friendly at some point, as it is right now. Many of us rent when we get out of school, when we are first working, building careers and saving up to hopefully one day put a down payment on a house. Many of us rent to survive as we struggle to pay off our student loans, which amount to almost $40,000 for the average person.


Whatever your situation, it’s safe to say that when you’re renting, your money and your property are as valuable to you as they are to anyone else. So why isn’t renters insurance more of a standard, like home insurance and car insurance? Maybe it’s the thought of the cost or maybe it’s the reality that many people aren’t even aware of renters insurance. Helping to break this trend, Lemonade Renters Insurance offers great coverage at fantastic rates.

Lemonade’s affordable plans help make it appealing to renters of all backgrounds and situations. It’s hard to pay unpaid rent in a big city and add a high percentage of it to your monthly insurance expenses. That won’t be the case when you’re insured by Lemonade, which has plans starting at just $5 a month. If you’re concerned about how much you’ll be covered for these rates, just head over to the Lemonade website for a delicious surprise.

With an intuitive, well-designed website and AI-enhanced listing tools, Lemonade can get you a quote in minutes. The fast, digitally enabled process is also important for young professionals working around the clock to earn and save. Enrollment means you can prepare for coverage in a variety of circumstances, including: property damaged by burst pipes, fires, theft, and even loss of outdoor property like a bicycle.

Lemonade donates a portion of unused premiums to nonprofits chosen by their customers, provides fast claim payouts, and makes it easier for first-timers to get renter’s insurance. Lemonade also offers other types of insurance, and users who bundle their rental coverage with pet insurance can save 10%. Get a quote for Lemonade Renters Insurance today.