Pit bulls and German shepherds sow terror in Noida-G’bad

Noida, September 18: As videos of dangerous dog breeds attacking people are going viral, many owners are now trying to get rid of these dogs being kept as pets.

Some people abandon these dogs in the middle of the night. Among them, the maximum number of dogs are German Shepherd and Pitbull breeds. However, these people are unaware that legal action can be taken against them under the Animal Cruelty Act.

In the past, many such videos have gone viral in areas other than Noida-Greater Noida and Ghaziabad, in which these dogs have made elderly people, delivery people and others including children their victims , whether in an elevator, park or road. .

To stop such incidents, the government and administration are trying to ensure that the relevant department has complete information about the homes where these dangerous dogs are kept.

The rules and regulations, which were established earlier, are now strictly enforced to collect complete information about dog vaccination and registration.

Nine dogs of dangerous breeds abandoned

Nine dogs in Noida, considered to be of dangerous breeds, have been quietly abandoned by their owners in front of an NGO in the last 15 days. Over the past month, the NGO Noida ‘Stray Animal House’ has received more than 200 calls from different corners of the country, where people wanted to leave their dangerous breed dogs to the NGO.

The NGO says she can’t keep so many dogs together because she doesn’t have enough space. This is why, the NGO, through its advisory teams, explains to people and says that if the dogs are properly taken care of, then such incidents will not happen. Sanjay Mohapatra, who started ‘House of Stray Animals’, says that over the past 15 days nine dogs have been silently tied up outside the NGO overnight.

According to Mohapatra, if such people are arrested, they can be prosecuted and imprisoned under Section 428. At the same time, he said no RWA or society can make its own rules. . He said the Supreme Court’s guidelines are that you can keep the dog, man’s most faithful companion, with you.

Dog registration begins in Ghaziabad

Registration of dogs at Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation has started and people are registering their sitting dogs online. It has been made compulsory to upload the dog’s vaccination record. So far, around 3,000 registrations have been made, of which more than 50% are of dogs considered to belong to dangerous breeds.

According to the trend, people prefer to keep dogs of breeds like Rottweiler, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd. There are over 20,000 dogs in Ghaziabad while a total of 70 dog breeds are bred in the city.

Registered dogs include exotic and dangerous breeds like Pitbull, Rottweiler, Boxer, German Shepherd, Great Dane, Bull Mastiff.

“Strict rules must be established”

In an interview with IANS, Yogendra Sharma, Chairperson of the governing body of all RWAs formed in Gautam Budh Nagar, Federation of Noida Residents Welfare Association, said that the government and l The district administration should make the laws regarding dog custody stricter so people follow it properly. At the same time, units that sterilize stray dogs roaming the streets and societies, should be increased.

According to him, at present, only two units are doing this work in Noida. For this reason, the work of neutering dogs is not done properly, so apart from domestic pet dogs, more cases of stray dog ​​bites are seen on the road.

About 500 cases of dog bites every day

In Noida, around 100 dog bite cases are brought to the district hospital every day, while around 500 dog bite cases are reported across the district. According to Dr. BK Ojha of the district hospital, the number of people visiting the district hospital daily for dog bite injections is around 170 to 200, with half of the number of new cases.