Pet store owner feels targeted after New Braunfels council bans buying and selling animals from breeders

NEW BRAUNFELS, TX – New Braunfels City Council placed an order prohibiting the buying and selling of cats and dogs from commercial breeding establishments.

The ordinance enacted on Tuesday affected a pet store in the city – Puppyland.

animal activists cheered after hearing the 4-3 vote. Puppyland’s owner said he felt targeted since his business had to close due to the order.

In a statement, Puppyland co-owner Justin Kerr said, “These draconian policies limit choice and create an unsavory black market.”

Kerr said Puppyland buys from licensed breeding facilities. He said his company does not source from puppy mills.

Read Kerr’s full statement below:

“These ordinances do nothing to stem the wave of unwanted dogs and cats; nor do they contribute to New Braunfels’ problem of not being able to adopt pets. These draconian policies limit choice and create an unsavory black market. Puppyland is committed to treating animals in an ethical and humane manner, we do not source from puppy mills and we are committed to our customers for the life of their furry friend. Imposing burdensome regulations on our small family business may require us to close or relocate our store to a more business-friendly environment, where any ethical treatment of pet sales is welcome.

The Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area Shelter has reported an increase in the number of pets in need of homes.

Human Society staff member William Stapleton said he wanted no more homeless dogs in the community.

“A lot of shelters are filling up,” Stapleton said.

New Braunfels will provide a one year grace period. Puppyland ownership is asking the city council to reconsider. Otherwise, he will have to move and possibly take legal action.

In the future, pet stores will be required to keep records of where pets come from, like shelters, for at least one year.

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