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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Each week, Pet Pals TV shares a fun, interesting and informative story about our population of four-legged and furry friends.

This week, “Pet Pals TV” host Patty Spitler was joined by earth science professor Gabriel Filippelli to speak to an expert about the environmental concerns surrounding the Indianapolis 500 balloon release.

“Balloons end up killing, they are 30 times more deadly than normal plastic inside organisms because I think a little piece of plastic to block your stomach, for example, an animal dog’s stomach and it has to going in exactly the right way. The balloons, because they’re soft and flexible, they stretch and block the whole opening like some kind of horrible surgical device,” Filippelli said. “So even s ‘only about two percent of plastics are balloons, they kill 32 times more than wildlife.’

“Can I tell you the worst, Mylar balloons, you know those metallic helium filled balloons, that kids have at big events. “Instead of other balloons being latex, Mylar balloons are just thick enough and you inflate them with helium and that Mylar lives forever,” Filippelli said.

The Indianapolis 500 balloon release will no longer be a tradition due to environmental concerns.