Oklahoma Alliance for Animals Helps Keep Outdoor Pets Warm

Volunteers use dozens of straw bales to help keep pets warm when temperatures drop. They tell News On 6 they want to help keep animals alive and educate pet owners.

Unchain OK volunteers are looking for faces like these. They look for dogs left outside in the cold without adequate shelter, food or water.

“We’re just trying to go out and educate the people, the owners of these dogs to try to do the right thing,” said Jamee Suarez of the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals.

Suarez says the way to help these dogs is to make sure their owners have what they need.

“Unchain OK comes out with resources – we provide dog kennels, straw, tethers, we offer free spaying and neutering for our people that we check out,” Suarez said, “If we want to help the dog, we have to help the person. “

Over the past weekend, teams traveled to all neighborhoods in Tulsa, laying down dog kennels and straw, making sure dogs left outside had what they needed to survive the freezing temperatures. .

“We always write with love, Unchained Oklahoma,” Suarez said.

They’ve been through over 60 bales of straw and need more dog kennels because they’ve been through so many.

“Once they’re our customers they are customers for life, and we try to take care of this dog and follow him until he doesn’t need us anymore,” Suarez said.

Jamee is passionate about volunteers who approach every situation with kindness, without judgment, and this weekend she was reminded of the importance of that mindset. The owner of one of the homes where she dropped off dog supplies and her phone number called Jamee back.

“We don’t know what people are going through. She had just lost her 13-year-old son who was shot dead,” Suarez said.

The volunteers do what they can to help the dogs, doing what they can to help people.

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