Nuevo Laredo shelter seeks pet sponsorships

The Nuevo Laredo Animal Welfare Association has invited the community to sponsor an animal from the organization’s shelter to help cover sterilization costs.

This sponsorship consists of financially supporting an animal in the shelter to cover its sterilization costs.

Gina Ferrara, founder of APA and member of the shelter’s steering group, said that this is a new dynamic that has been created to facilitate this service to animals in need and avoid animal overpopulation.

“The idea for the sponsorship came from one of the directive members, Evelyn Carrillo,” Ferrara said. “Since it is increasingly difficult to neuter and neuter many of the pets that are donated to the shelter and there is not enough money for the maintenance of the shelter and to take care of them . We still have needs, and having people help them with sponsorship helps us because we can prepare them to go through the adoption program, which has a series of guidelines and protocols to follow.

Interested people can choose one or more pets they wish to sponsor within different groups of cats and dogs that will be posted on social networks every 15 days.

By sponsoring the animal, photos of the animal’s recovery will be sent to its sponsors.

“This care for this specific pet is a quarter of the needs or cost of grooming it, as the adoption program helps it have the option of being adopted more easily and neutered or neutered. It takes stem the canine and feline overpopulation of strays, and with the support of sponsorship, it helps us achieve a great feat, little by little.

Pets can be sponsored by making contributions to the shelter’s bank account, data which is communicated when the sponsor requests it. Sponsorship can be done with 500 pesos, or about $25.

The APA also reminded the community that it is still accepting donations, such as pet food, towels, new plastic sheeting, paper towels, cardboard and sanitizers, among other supplies for pets and cleaning. This is all the more true as Ferrara considers these times to be very difficult for the refuge.

To donate or for more information, you can use WhatsApp or call 867-231-6214. Payments can also be sent to the organization’s Venmo account, Gina-deLeon-19.

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