“Nothing like a bad dog”

Council slammed for banning ten breeds from new Mullingar dog park

Westmeath County Council has come under fire from some local dog owners for its decision to ban ten breeds from the recently opened dog park in Mullingar.

According to the press release issued yesterday by the town hall, the following breeds are not authorized in the dog park: American Pit Bull Terrier, Bandog, Bull Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, English Bull Terrier, German Shepard (Alsacian), Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa, Rhodesian Ridgeback and Rottweiler.

The news that certain breeds are not allowed to use the newly opened facilities has led some local pet owners to criticize the council’s decision on social media.

Commenting on the Westmeath Examiner’s Facebook page, German Shepard owner Kieran called the decision “ridiculous”.

“I have a German Shepherd and I could take him anywhere as he is trained to a high standard. A little Jack Russell or a Pom could easily start a fight and do some damage. Or bite someone. Yes , the damage would not be as bad as a German Shepherd.For your dog to go to a dog park, he should not be aggressive towards other dogs and be trained to come back to the handler when he is called, even if there is another dog nearby A well-trained dog is the key to a well-run dog park.

Caolin, another German Shepherd owner from Kieran, said his pet will “lick you to death.”

“In my experience, small dogs are the most aggressive!”

Another German Shepherd owner, Kerry, said “the fact that certain breeds are banned is a joke.”

“I have a male German Shepherd who is the biggest softie on the planet and constantly wants to play with other dogs. The restricted list of dog breeds is a joke at this point. Every dog ​​I have come across belonging to these breeds was amazing but I was attacked by a Collie mix but that’s ok Owners make the dog no matter the breed!

Rebecca posted: “Rather than ban certain breeds, ban uneducated owners. I’ve met more stupid people with unsocialized Terriers or Labs that they can’t control than I have any of the breeds mentioned.

Nicole said: “No dog should be banned because of their breed or temperament, it all depends on how the dogs were raised. I have a Doberman, which has to be the best breed of dog I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a lot of dogs. In fact, every dog ​​is a sweet dog when raised the right way. Socializing your dog is key! »

Brian posted: “Omg what a fucking joke!!! I guarantee my Rottweiler is better behaved, more disciplined than some of them little sh***s of Jack Russells or Yorkshire Terriers. An absolute disgrace to the board of the County Westmeath You punish much for sins of years and years ago.

Caroline posted: “Nothing like a bad dog…you can figure out the rest of that sentence”.