New venture Hutchinson Holly’s Pet Shoppe grooms dogs and sells supplies

Holly’s Pet Shoppe, Spa and Boutique opened in late April. Although a new business, owner Holly Buckner has been grooming dogs and cats in Reno County for over seven years.

Holly’s Pet Shoppe is on the corner of 17th Avenue and Lorraine Street.

Buckner started grooming pets in 2015 when she decided to change careers to fit her passion for animal care.

“I grew up always wanting to be a veterinarian, then I worked as a vet tech from about 2012 to 2015 and decided then that vet wasn’t for me,” Buckner said. “We did some grooming at the clinic, but when I parted ways with the vet clinic, I saw an opening for grooming.”

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Create the spa experience for pets

Buckner described his spa as an all-in-one place for pet owners to have their pets groomed and purchase pet supplies.

“What we’re aiming for here is an upscale salon — that we treat it like a legit spa day,” Buckner said. “We have implemented different practices and products that go in this direction.”

Products sold at Holly’s Pet Shoppe are generally sourced from Kansas or other locations in the United States. the DubDog designs the necklaces are made in Mission.

Buckner’s seven years of experience have taught him to meet unique needs.

Pet parents understand the process that needs to be done pretty well. So, for example, if they’re matted, they need to (be) completely shaved, and they usually understand that pretty well,” Buckner said.

The path to creating Holly’s Pet Shoppe

Holly's Pet Shoppe officially opened on April 29, 2022 at 1625 N. Lorraine St. and is owned by Holly Buckner.

In January, Buckner purchased the storefront at 1625 N. Lorraine St. and has since fulfilled his dream of an all-in-one, locally-owned pet store.

From the start she accepted her regular grooming clients but is now looking to expand and gain the attention of more pet owners at Hutchinson and has already reached her first monthly goal.

“I set a monthly goal and we’ve already reached our goal of $14,000,” Buckner said.

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Buckner also plans to expand her cat spa, hoping to hire and train a groomer in her salon to groom cats only in a separate room from dogs to reduce stress.

“I want to have a dedicated space for cats because I haven’t seen that at Hutchinson yet, and cats need regular grooming too,” Buckner said.