Nearly a dozen dogs stolen from kennel in Cedar Creek

Security video shows three men breaking into Johnson’s Pet and Kennel Supply store in Cedar Creek, just west of Bastrop, early Friday morning.

On Wednesday, owner Ja’Faar Johnson replayed the video and described how he felt when he first saw it.

“My heart sank. I never thought this would happen, but I knew it was possible,” Johnson said.

The three men, wearing masks, spent just over 30 minutes on the property rounding up dogs. They can be seen throwing the animals over a fence. The dogs are eventually put into a car which is parked out of camera range.

“And all my dogs are crying and running to get back here and they were picking them up and throwing them over the fence, so yeah, definitely anger in there,” Johnson said.

Ten dogs were captured, two Fluffy Frenchies, seven American Bullies and an American Pit Bull Terrier.

Munchie, a customer and family favorite, was among those taken.

“Angry and violated, because we come here every day with our children, it’s supposed to be a safe place for our dogs and our children,” said Callie Johnson, co-owner of the kennel.

The type of dog breeds that have been taken are popular. They are short, energetic and very strong. Each, according to the Johnsons, can sell for around $1,000.

“My biggest fear is if they are left out in the heat, it happened on Friday, me and a few friends picked them up all Saturday, driving through neighborhoods, it was 96 degrees all I could think of , is that they’re not built for this weather,” Ja’Faar Johnson said.

Ten dogs were captured, two Fluffy Frenchies, seven American Bullies and an American Pit Bull Terrier.

A detective from the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office has launched an investigation. A person of interest has been identified and it is also possible that the Cedar Creek case is linked to similar crimes in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

“We will try to determine if this involves some type of theft ring, a larger group that is doing this across the state, we haven’t determined that at this point, but it’s not something we don’t. ‘let’s not neglect,’ said Sheriff Maurice Cook.

Since the burglary, several calls have been received from people offering tips. Other callers claim they recently purchased dogs and will return them if the Johnsons pay them back. Most of the calls turned out to be scams.

“Very stressful. Very stressful. Not knowing how to accept people, it was obviously, someone who does, put that in place,” the Johnsons said.

Many of the dogs at the Johnson’s kennel have ID chips, and several of the dogs that were captured were chipped. It can help with research.

“We’re just asking anyone who knows anything to come forward, please help us find the dogs,” Callie Johnson said.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Office.