Most Popular Dog Breeds for 10 Different Traits | Pets

Just as an animal shelter will want to make sure you are a good choice for a dog, it’s important that you do your research and understand what types of dog breeds are best for your home. Each breed type comes with various tendencies, physical traits, and personalities that may or may not suit your lifestyle.

Puppies can also be an expensive investment. A dog can cost its owner an average of $23,410 over its lifetime, although this may depend on factors such as your dog’s energy level, size, type of coat and any medical issues that you may have. he might have.

Sound Dollar used data provided by the American Kennel Club to determine the most popular dog breeds for 10 trait types. Popularity was based on the list of top-ranked dog breeds based on 2021 AKC registrations, while breed characteristics like size and temperament are taken from the Breeds Database from the AKC. This list highlights the top three dog types that ranked highest overall for each category, along with a note on how the breed ranked on the AKC’s list for popularity. overall.

One thing to remember is that the traits assigned to each breed are by no means limited to purebreds alone. Pooches, or mixed-breed dogs, carry many of these traits as well, so don’t overlook them when looking for your new four-legged family member. Some of the dog breeds that appear on this list multiple times include Labrador Retrievers, French Bulldogs, and Golden Retrievers – not surprising given that these are some of the most popular dogs due to their personality and their friendly dispositions.