Moncton, NB, fundraiser helps local animal shelter

One of Atlantic Canada’s largest animal shelters is looking to expand one of its spaces to help even more animals in need.

With the help of the community and other grants, people for animal welfarelocated in Moncton, NB, hopes to completely renovate one of its cat rooms at the current shelter.

“There is definitely a need in the community,” said general manager Heather Smith. “We have a waiting list of people waiting to hand over animals at the moment. So we’re here, we’re going to help them. We just have to make sure we have the appropriate space and resources to do so.

Smith pointed out that “no one wants to see an animal on the street.”

“Everyone wants to help, but not everyone knows how to help or is able to, that’s why we are here,” she said. “They call us and we’re here to help the community.”

The whole renovation comes with a price tag of $60,000. It will see new kennels and ventilation, a larger open space for cats, and a new accessible visiting area for future adopters.

“The new kennel system costs around $10,000 and it’s made in Canada,” said Stacey Picard, social media manager at People for Animal Wellbeing. “It will be easier to clean. There will be portholes for the cats to walk around in the kennels. It’s going to be much better and it’s also going to triple our chat speed.

The chat room campaign ends later this week and Picard says renovations should start early next year.

“Hopefully everything will be ready for the spring when cat consumption increases again,” Picard said. “It’s hot and hot and the cats come out, and they roam and they don’t get spayed or neutered and they end up having babies and babies and more babies.”

She says that overall this proposed new space will make cats happier and healthier.

“Right now it’s one or two cats per kennel, depending on whether they get along with other cats – so instead of being a vertical space, it will be a horizontal space,” she said. declared. “That’s how it’s going to triple the capacity.”

On average, the shelter adopts about 900 cats per year.

“We’re trying to make the adoption process really user-friendly for adopters,” Smith said. “You make an appointment, you walk in, you meet with an adoption counselor, he goes through a questionnaire with you that will ask you questions about your family, your lifestyle, what you are looking for in a pet, and then he I will try to help you meet animals that would be a good fit for you.”

She says for those who find a good match, they can bring their new fur baby home that day.