Meet Sabrina the “teenage” cat!

NORTH PLATTE, Neb. (KNOP) – Meet Sabrina, the “teenage” cat, a sweet and adorable girl who isn’t quite a year old yet. She has been spayed and is ready for a new home!

Sabrina the “teenage” pussy(North Platte Animal Sanctuary)

Sabrina was a wanderer brought to the shelter a few nights before Halloween. She was brought down to a very light weight, but has done well with her sterilization and is eating a lot as she no longer has to fend for herself. She has a patch of missing hair on her back, but we don’t know how she got it. As his health increases, we expect hair to grow on his back. Over the next few weeks, until she reaches a healthy weight, she will need a little extra food, which she will gladly accept.

The good news is that Sabrina is super friendly. She came out and greeted us immediately and didn’t want us to go. She also had a lot to tell me about a lot of different things. I don’t speak cats, but I believe she was telling me that she wanted to be a cat that gave lots of love in exchange for food and belly rubs. Sabrina should get along well with dogs and cats, as long as the environment isn’t too hectic for her as she recovers from being a wanderer. As she is young, she can learn to be compatible with the rest of any herd.

To make an appointment to meet her, call the North Platte Animal Shelter at 308-535-6780 to schedule an appointment.

North Platte Animal Shelter
North Platte Animal Shelter(Ian Mason/KNOP)