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Security camera footage of a person abandoning a kitten at the Marshfield Area Animal Shelter. Image courtesy: MAPS / Facebook

MARSHFIELD, WI (WSAU) – Workers at the Marshfield-area pet shelter found a kitten that had been left by their dumpster early Tuesday morning as they opened the facility for the day.

According to a Facebook post, the kitten was found around 7 a.m. and was “very stressed.” Employees returned to check the security camera footage from the night before and discovered the cat had been dropped off around midnight.

Director Karen Rau said that by not making the effort to return the kitten during office hours, its former owner left them with a lot more work to do.

“We have no information on this kitty. We don’t know if they have any medical problems, we have no record of their physical health, their behavior, nothing. We have to start over with all of this, ”she said.

Rau adds that no one who calls the shelter to return a pet is ashamed or subjected to any negativity. Shelter workers just want what’s best for the animal, and sometimes it doesn’t stay in their current home. “We don’t pass judgment on people when they call us. We’re here to help and we want to provide that conversation and education. “

This includes resources on how to bring a pet home without having to go through the Humane Society, which can be easily done online. “If people don’t call and leave a message, we don’t get this opportunity, so we don’t help the animal,” she added.

The animal was in a baby carrier covered with a blanket. The owner appears to have also left a partial bag of food with the kitten.

Managers add that they have a no-questions-asked rebate policy and encourage anyone who can no longer take care of their pets to arrange time with them so that the animal (s) does not have to endure. unnecessary trauma.

The kitten was left with no other medical or identifying information except that they can tell she was declawed. This means that they don’t know if she has been vaccinated or if she is suffering from any other health problem that she might be suffering from.

Additionally, the person parked their vehicle on the street from the shelter and took other steps to hide their face from security cameras to avoid detection.

The shelter reminds residents that abandoning animals is illegal in Wisconsin. Information about the incident has been passed to the Marshfield Police Department.

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