Local animal shelter officials warn pets are not temporary Christmas gifts

By Heather Ruppe

This is the time of year when kids tend to ask Santa for the one big object: a puppy. Unfortunately, the puppy tends to become a burden after the joy of Christmas morning and can sometimes be pounded once the friendliness of the puppy wears off or the animal becomes annoying.

Animals are not gifts or toys. These are lifelong responsibilities, just like children. “Currently, the main reasons people give as to why they abandon their pets at the shelter are the fact that they have a puppy that has grown to a size that makes it difficult for the parent of the pet to manage. change in life situations such as entering an assisted living facility or moving in with moving family and family members and leaving a pet behind, ”said Laura Clark, director of animal services at Colleton County.

“I think all of this points to decisions to have a pet without fully considering an animal’s lifespan.”

According to Clark, dogs and cats live an average of 12 to 15 years. “It is heartbreaking for humans, and especially for pets, when these decisions to give up a pet are made,” she said. “We also encourage potential dog owners to research the dog breeds they are considering and determine if they can meet the training, daily exercise and containment needs that this breed will require.

“Buying or adopting a dog strictly on its appearance can result in a bad match,” Clark said.

Clark encourages the use of websites, such as https://dogtime.com/dog-breeds, to help people make the best decision in choosing the right dog for them.

Some things to consider when buying a pet are the emotional needs of the animal and the cost of caring for a pet.

All research indicates that dogs are extremely intelligent. In a June 2021 study published in the Journal of Current Biology, even an 8-week-old puppy can understand human emotions through facial expressions, and the puppy could follow a pointing finger and enjoy socializing with people, the puppy says. ‘study.

Additionally, future pet owners should consider that raising a pet can cost $ 2,750 to $ 3,400 per year. Pet insurance helps pay bigger medical bills, but it’s an additional monthly expense.