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JACKSONVILLE, Florida, December 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The Link Smart Pet Wearable by Smart Tracking Technologies, LLC has launched a series of dog obedience instructional videos to complement the device’s remote tone and vibration tools. The all-inclusive series includes a variety of resources and short videos created by Link’s dog education specialist Samantha Benesch, a CGC-certified assessor who studied canine emotion and cognition at Duke University.

The Link Smart Pet Wearable is the only GPS dog tracking device with remote tone and vibration training tools.

The Link Smart Pet Wearable is the only GPS dog tracking device with remote tone and vibration training tools for positive reinforcement. Training tools are an important aspect of the entire companion animal ecosystem offered by Link. In addition to training tools, Link’s small device and user-friendly app come with an unmatched tracking system, personalized activity monitoring, and mobile resources, all supported by a Florida-based concierge service team. Link provides pet parents with everything they need to stay connected to their pets.

“We designed Link to be the first smart portable pet device and we are very excited to bring this series of companions to life for our community of pet parents. ” noted Donny Lamey, CEO of Smart Tracking Technologies. “We are also delighted to welcome an expert dog trainer Samantha benesch to the Link pack. ”

Benesch’s passion for training – and its connection to animal health and the animal-parent bond – has blossomed into roles in local veterinary clinics, specialist training centers, the humanitarian society and now as a university.

The training series is available on YouTube, with new training segments posted regularly. Link’s videos feature everything from a series of puppies to cage training and socialization, all using the remote training tone and vibration features of the Link app. For more information, please visit

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