Lili Reinhart’s pet dog fights ‘salmonella poisoning’ | Entertainment

Lili Reinhart’s pooch has battled a suspected case of salmonella poisoning.

The 25-year-old actress – who is best known for playing Betty Cooper in ‘Riverdale’ – revealed via Instagram that she spent a day with her dog Milo at the animal hospital.

Alongside a photo of her pet, Lili wrote: “Please keep Milo in your thoughts [heart emoji]. Sweet Angel Boy has been in hospital for over 24 hours now with what we suspect is salmonella poisoning. (sic)”

Lili – who adopted the pup in 2020 – described Milo as a “tough boy” and she hopes he gets over his recent health issues.

The actress wrote on the photo-sharing platform, “He’s a badass and he’ll be fine [prayer hands emoji] (sic)”

Two years ago, Lili revealed that Milo had been the victim of a horrific attack by another dog.

The actress described the incident as the “most terrifying” thing she had ever witnessed.

She said at the time: “I keep having flashbacks to this whole situation and how traumatic it was for him and me.

“I mean, I just want to…hope he heals really well and isn’t terrified of other dogs from now on – we’ll probably have to work on that.

“But really thank you to everyone who spoke about his well-being. He is doing surprisingly well and is a little more cuddly at the moment – which is very nice – but I am watching his every move and taking good care of him. from him.”

Lili went on to describe Milo’s recovery as a “miracle”.

The ‘Riverdale’ star said on Instagram: “Milo is resting. He’s resting. He’s got dog CBD which is helping him stay more relaxed right now.

“He’s doing great and getting lots of love.”