Latest versions of Allswell and Wyze

This story is part of Select’s New & Notable column, where we highlight our favorite product launches, major sales, what we’re buying, and some of our latest recommendations and tips.

This week, we’ve got what a popular mattress company is calling its first-ever cooling mattress, an advanced smart scale, a new vacuum-insulated grunt, and a particularly protective bandana we think you’ll want to know about.

New this week

  1. Allswell has launched the Allswell Cool Cooling Mattress, which uses a copper foam layer near its top to absorb excess body heat, Allswell says – a quilted gel cooling fabric that works in conjunction with the copper foam to dissipate heat from the body.

  2. Wyze has launched Scale X, which features new baby, pet, luggage, and pregnancy modes that Wyze says will easily weigh you and your baby, you and your pet, luggage, and more. Plus, the Scale X tracks up to 13 body metrics, including updated heart rate monitoring capabilities as well as longer battery life (up to 22 months, depending on brand) .

  3. Snow Peak has launched the Shimo Growler, which is a vacuum-insulated stainless steel pitcher that keeps your drinks cold (or hot). It comes with a wide mouth which should make it pretty simple to clean and it has a rubber bottom so the grunt won’t slide all over the place.

  4. Nomadix has introduced the UPF 50+ bandana towel for sweat absorption – useful during a quick midday yoga session or your next outdoor excursion. The Bandana towel is made from post-consumer recycled material and Nomadix says it’s quick-drying and durable, as well as resistant to sand, dog hair and odors.

On sale this week

Here are some of our favorite current sales from brands and retailers we think you should know about.

  1. Sur La Table is offering 50% off select kitchen utensils while supplies last.

  2. The company’s store is offering 30% off during its summer sale until June 26

  3. BioBidet is offering 25% off during the Prodigy Savings event while supplies last

  4. W&P Designs is offering 20% ​​off until June 12

  5. Macy’s is offering $100 off select Fitbit products through June 19

Shopping News: Virtual Shoe Try-On and Buyer Protection Programs

  1. The consumer price index, which calculates the cost of a basket of goods from month to month, jumped 1% in May to 8.6%, its highest level since 1981.

  2. Amazon has launched an augmented reality filter called Virtual Try-On for Shoes that lets you try on digital versions of shoes before buying them. The feature is available to iOS users in the United States and Canada through the Amazon Shopping app — you can use it with brands like Adidas, Reebok, New Balance and Puma, Amazon said.

  3. Etsy announced the Purchase Protection Program, which will begin refunding buyers if the item they receive is not what they ordered, starting in August. “Not what they ordered” can mean that the item doesn’t match its online description, arrives damaged, or doesn’t arrive at all.

  4. Samsung has announced its Bespoke AI washer and Bespoke AI dryer, both of which will be available in July. According to Samsung, the washer uses the ideal amount of water to clean your clothes, based on how dirty they are, and the dryer uses a sensor to monitor and optimize the length (and intensity) of the drying cycle.

  5. Targeted shoppers will see more sales, as well as more groceries and makeup, in the weeks ahead. NBC News reported that the store has begun canceling homeware and apparel orders and cutting prices ahead of the fall and holidays, instead focusing on items it believes are in demand.

What we bought this week

Associate Editor Justin Krajeski loves the design of his Pottery Barn Temple Street display for showing off coffee table books.Courtesy of Justin Krajeski

I have chosen to renew the lease of my current studio for an additional year. Its good. I like my apartment — it’s a bit small, but it accommodates me very well. That said, extending my lease has inspired me to rethink. My first creative decision was to move the coffee table books from my coffee table to a wall rack. Pottery Barn had a sale on its Temple Street display library – in fact it still does, you should check it out – and it was and is perfect for my space. Slim, made of steel, and resting on non-slip pads, the bookcase can hold about eight or more books for display when I have friends and family over. — Justin Krajeskiassociate editor

Associate journalist Mili Godio switched to the Fintie Stand case for her Kindle Paperwhite and she appreciates its soft synthetic leather case.
Associate journalist Mili Godio switched to the Fintie Stand case for her Kindle Paperwhite and she appreciates its soft synthetic leather case.Courtesy of Mili Godio

After three years of having the same case for my Kindle Paperwhite, I decided to upgrade to the Fintie Stand case, which features a beautiful pattern inspired by van Gogh’s Almond Blossom painting. The cover, which fits Kindle 10th generation and earlier, is made of soft synthetic leather. A built-in stand allows me to read hands-free. And a built-in card slot can double as a wallet when I’m on the go. The case also comes with a hand strap when folded down which gives me a better grip. — Mili Godioassociate journalist

Writing intern Zoe Malin found the Lego Succulents Plant Decor building kit to be a great craft activity.
Writing intern Zoe Malin found the Lego Succulents Plant Decor building kit to be a great craft activity.Courtesy of Zoe Malin

My family and I are always on the lookout for new crafts and games to experiment with together, and our most recent purchase was the Lego Succulents Plant Decor building kit. It comes with parts to build nine different plants that you can put together once they’re built to form a small garden. I had never built an advanced Lego structure before, so I was pretty intimidated doing this. But I was surprised how easy it was to follow the step-by-step instructions and create the different plants. Lego’s succulent kit would also make a great gift for those who like to do hands-on activities. — Zoe Malineditorial intern

What we recommended this week

  1. Apple redesigned the MacBook Air and MacBrook Pro and equipped them with an M2 chip. They will be available in July. Apple also announced that its latest operating systems iOS 16 and WatchOS9 will be released this fall.

  2. To recommend multiplayer Nintendo Switch games, we reached out to gaming site editors, their recs ranging from classic Nintendo games to lesser-known indie titles.

  3. To recommend facial steamers for your at-home skincare routine, we spoke to dermatologists about the benefits of steaming for your face, how to do it correctly, and which steamers are worth adding to your cart.

  4. To recommend tinted moisturizers, we had conversations with dermatologists and makeup artists who told us how to buy them and which ones to consider.

  5. For Pride Month, we’ve highlighted some great books by LGBTQ+ authors and some great children’s and young adult books by LGBTQ+ authors based on data from Goodreads, including each book’s average rating and the number of people who have rated it.

  6. For Father’s Day, we’ve covered a variety of gifts – from those you can buy on Amazon, to those that are affordable to those that have been approved by dads themselves.

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