Large dog kept indoors for five years now on weight loss journey after being rescued

An overweight dog who spent five years indoors without ever walking is finally on the mend.

Abused beagle Leo was unable to see and sniff the world while kept in a home, causing him to pile on pounds and grow his claws to abnormal lengths. Rescuers now hope they can find him a happy forever home where he can feel the grass between his newly trimmed paws.

The six-year-old pup was taken to one of Hull’s leading dog rescue centers after his ordeal. Relief staff said the sweet lad had ‘had a really tough time’.

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Leo was picked up by Oakwood Dog Rescue from another center and is now losing weight after being kept indoors for so long. Staff said they now enjoy taking walks for the first time and “making new friends”.

“This poor boy had a really tough time,” the staff said. “Leo has spent the last five years inside a house without ever walking around or seeing the outside world, he is extremely overweight and he had claws growing in his paw pads (these are now sorted). “

The images showed Leo’s overgrown and curled claws, which can happen to all breeds of dogs when they are not properly exercised and remain sedentary. The claws had curled up and started pushing into his paws, no doubt leaving him in terrible discomfort.

Leo’s claws had become overgrown from lack of exercise and started to curl up in his paws

Oakwood Rescue added: “Although he lives an incredibly sheltered life, he is the sweetest boy, he has made a habit of coming to our house in his stride and enjoys meeting new people and venturing into small walks – he even made a few dog friends!

“Leo has started his weight loss journey and I hope he steals someone’s heart soon.”

Do you think you could give Leo a house? Find out more about how to apply via the rescue site at