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So you plan a trip with your furkid and you have to fly to get to your destination. Wondering where to start? Flying can be somewhat stressful on its own, however, adding a pet to the equation means there is more to worry about. To help ensure a stress-free stay flight with your petthere are a few basics to consider that will help you better prepare.

In the cabin or under the cabin

All airlines have policies on whether your furry friend can stay with you on the plane or whether they must travel below the cabin. In either case, your pet must be in an airline-approved carrier at all times. When traveling in the cabin, the baby carrier must be placed directly under the seat in front of you.

If your pet has to fly under the cabin, it’s reassuring to know that it is air-conditioned. However, be aware that many airlines have embargoes that restrict the movement of pets during the high temperatures of the summer months. Embargoes protect furry travelers from extreme heat in the cargo area when the aircraft is in a holding area or terminal.

Some breeds are prohibited

Pets with short muzzles and short, flat noses, such as Persian cats and pugs, are susceptible to respiratory problems. Therefore, it is quite possible that they have more difficulty adapting to changes in pressure during flight. Many airlines completely ban brachycephalic pets from commercial flights.

Special Considerations

Your pet’s general health and temperament should be considered before booking your flight. If your pet is afraid of crowds, aggressive, or very anxious in new situations, flying may not be in their best interests.

Before the trip, a visit to the veterinarian is recommended, just to make sure that your pet is physically and mentally ready for this new adventure. Your veterinarian must issue you a health certificate that you must take with you during your trip.

Cost of your pet’s ticket

Just as every airline has pet policies, they also have variable fees. Typically, one-way fees range from $50 to $200, and costs are usually a little lower when pets are traveling in the cabin. Additionally, fees may vary within each airline based on their own policies and restrictions, with some airlines assessing pet fees at the time of booking.

Booking your pet’s flight

When booking your trip, your pet’s flight must be booked at the same time as you make your reservation. You must contact the airline directly in advance, and since you cannot book your pet’s flight online, you must call to make the reservation. Additionally, airlines only allow a certain number of pets on each flight, so the sooner the better when it comes to your pet accompanying you on the plane.

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