King Charles’ favorite dog breed is gaining popularity with the public

In the second quarter of 2022, the number of people registering Jack Russell terriers rose from 66 the previous year to 113.

A Kennel Club spokeswoman said: “Breeds certainly rise and fall in popularity – and there are a number of factors that can play a part, such as popular culture and high profile ownership.

“For example, the Jack Russell terrier, the favorite breed of the King and Queen consort, has so far this year seen a 71% increase in registrations compared to 2021.”

An RSPCA spokeswoman said it was “easy to see” why the King and Queen consort had “such love for Jack Russell terriers”.

She added: “While many of these dogs can be small in stature, they are generally described as having big, cheeky, fun-loving personalities and tend to be very active.

“The popularity of certain types of dogs is often sparked by popular culture – such as the public figures who own them – and we have seen an increase in the popularity of specific breeds due to new movie releases and popularity on social media. social networks.

“We urge anyone considering getting a Jack Russell terrier – or any other type of dog – to ensure they can properly care for this animal and, if possible, to consider getting a rescue dog.”

Jack Russell terriers are among the most used and beloved dogs in Hollywood, from the most recent films such as The Artist, The Mask, Water for Elephants and The Secret Life of Pets to classics such as Bringing Up Baby, High Sierra and Charlie Chaplin’s Life of a Dog.