Keep your dog happy and healthy | Ask the Experts

Owning a dog is a big responsibility. Owning any pet is, by the way, but dogs are a special case. Dogs require a lot of attention, a lot of training, and a lot of patience from their owners as they learn to be the best dog they can be. Part of creating a happy and healthy environment for your dog is making sure that you, as the owner, take the time to give him everything he needs to live his best life. This could mean toys, enhanced tags, or special treats that will excite them and support healthy function in their bodies. Whether you’re a new dog owner or a seasoned dog, there’s always room to add a few things to your dog’s life to ensure they stay happy and healthy well into old age. If you’re looking for new dog products and services, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading for some great ideas to help you and your dog stay healthy.

Dog Tags

The quality of your dog tags is important. There’s nothing wrong with picking up one of these fun prints at the pet store, but they can easily come off an overactive dog’s collar and can be difficult to read. Military dog ​​tags are larger, more durable and easier to read in case your dog runs out of his door or runs away unexpectedly. These can be a particularly helpful way to ease your anxiety if you’re taking your dog on a trip and want to make sure they have extra ID. For the big dog nerds, you can even buy one for yourself so you can match your dog on your trip.

pet insurance

The worst situation a pet owner can find themselves in is having an emergency with your furry friend and not being able to afford it, or having to jump through tough financial hoops to make it work. . It’s a mystery why more dog owners aren’t getting dog insurance because it’s something that can really help you and your dog in an emergency. With insurance, you can usually opt in to some features and opt out of others, making it easy to create a plan that works for your financial situation. Have peace of mind knowing your dog is protected in the event of an accident or in need of emergency care.

pet pride

This suggestion is actually not for dogs but for dog owners! Any dog mom or dad tends to be quite proud of their property, and many want to show their pride when they go for a casual walk or take their dog to the dog park. Dog owners who can’t get enough of their pets will love having some swag to show their love for their dog. Some companies even make matching outfits, ideal for those who see their dog not just as a pet, but as a valued member of the family.

Dental treats

Dogs love treats and anyone who has spent time with them knows how motivated they can be. But giving treats all the time isn’t the best thing for dogs, so we need to find ways to use their love of treats as a way to give them something healthy. If you own pets or have friends who do, you may have heard of Greenies Dental Treats. These treats are loved by dogs and cats and help maintain good dental health and hygiene without a toothbrush. This is great for dogs that don’t like having their teeth cleaned and need a way to monitor their dental health.

bark boxes

Something that dogs will need a lot are toys, especially when they are still a puppy. It’s not just for their entertainment either, although that’s a big reason. Dogs tear up toys as part of their instincts, and if they don’t have enough stuffed animals to play with, they may end up tearing up pillows and other items in your home. If your dog goes through toys quickly, you may want to invest in a bark box subscription. Bark Boxes are organized toy boxes that are delivered at your preferred frequency and are ideal for keeping your toy stock high and your dog away from your pillows and couch cushions.

Raw treats

Many standard treats contain lots of additives and preservatives that really aren’t good for our furry friends. When you want to give them a special treat, it’s a good idea to choose something that tastes great and has all the natural ingredients your dog needs to support healthy digestion. Raw dog food are just that, and even support dental health, just like greenies. These treats are fantastic not only because of their ingredients, but they last a very long time, allowing you to keep even the most energetic dog busy for quite some time. Use them as a reward after a particularly long walk, a trip to the vet, or understanding a new order. Or, if your dog isn’t learning new tricks, just as an end-of-day treat for those old souls who more than deserve it.


Your dog’s well-being depends on both the health care he receives and the environment his owners create for him. The more the dog feels like part of the family, the happier and healthier it will be throughout its life. Things like special treats, insurance, dog gifts, and toys add to the environment in your home that helps your dog feel safe and cared for. Whether you are a seasoned dog owner or have just adopted your first dog, the items on this list are essential details to consider when building a relationship with your dog and welcoming him into your home. Dogs need to be a little spoiled to feel special, but they also need to understand your house rules! Good luck and have fun creating a warm and safe environment for your furry friend.