Jeanie the 3-legged dog, a local celebrity

Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) – Our very own local furry celebrity – Jeanie the 3-legged dog!

A lot has happened in the past two years for Jeanie, including beating cancer, being able to start therapy again after it was stopped due to the pandemic, and most recently celebrating her 15th birthday.

Jeanie the 3-legged dog’s canine therapy journey has been documented on social media, quickly turning her into a local celebrity!

She’s been featured on the Today Show, People Magazine, walked the red carpet, visited the Governor’s Mansion, among appearances on numerous other TV shows and magazines, all for her National Award for Pet Therapy.

“We started showing all of our tours on social media, letting people know what we were doing, and it kind of took off. People started wanting to check in with us and see what she was doing and it just grew from there,” owner Lydia Crochet said.

But, what Jeanie is best known for her therapy, was halted during the pandemic, and heartbreaking news came soon after.

“Right after COVID emerged, he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had to have surgery and she did very well, she did well,” Hook said.

After it looked like Jeanie was in the clear, she lost all mobility in her only remaining front leg.

“For a while it didn’t look good, they really didn’t know if it was just a really bad sprain, or what she had done to him if it was permanent,” Hook said.

But, some good news recently – Jeanie is cancer free, fully using her front leg again, starting therapy sessions again and this weekend celebrated her 15th birthday, making her the longest living therapy dog. old in the area.

“She is doing very well for an older dog. She has no idea she’s turning 15, I don’t think it’s a big deal for her but it is for us. We’ve had her since she was 5 or 6 months old, and just knowing that she’s still with us and happy and healthy and still making people smile and doing her thing, it brings so much joy in our hearts,” Hook said. .

This 3-legged pup is excited to be back in the community, visiting local schools, hospitals, nursing homes and veterans.

“She’s been so successful, I can’t imagine our lives without her,” Hook said.

You can follow Jeanie’s journey through her Instagram- @jeanie3legs.

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