His startup is past its puppy phase; now is your chance to nurture its potential

Startland News continues its “Fund Me, KC” series to highlight the efforts of area entrepreneurs to accelerate their businesses or lend a helping hand to others. This is an opportunity for business owners and innovators – like Jonaie Johnson’s effort to publicly launch Interplay’s highly anticipated PlayTach smart dog crate accessory. – to share their crowdfunding stories and potentially gain the support of new supporters.

Who are you?

My name is Jonaie Johnson and I am the founder and CEO of Interplay.

Interplay PlayTach Smart Dog Crate

At Interplay, we make it easy for busy dog ​​parents to interact and care for their dogs with the click of a button with our patent-pending crate accessory, the PlayTach. With the Interplay PlayTach, a pet parent can now dispense food and water, see and talk, and play music and sound for their dog from their phone through the Interplay app.

Simply install the PlayTach on your dog’s existing crate (or stand it up if you don’t have one), download the Interplay app, connect the device, and interact with your dog!

Click on here to learn more about Johnson and Interplay, which was selected as one of the Kansas City startups to watch by Startland News in 2022.

What does your campaign hope to accomplish?

We are preparing to get our product to market and into the hands of busy dog ​​parents. To do this, we need to put the finishing touches on product development while we prepare for manufacturing. We hope to use the campaign as momentum to help us move forward in the product development process while raising awareness about what we are building.

Click on here to learn more about the launch of PlayTach.

What is your “why”?

As a team of pet parents, we understand how difficult it can be and how much we miss them throughout the day. Our small team has worked tirelessly to create the PlayTach to help connect and give our pets a high level of care. We want to create a better world for pet parents and their pets.

Click on here to discover the Kickstarter campaign for the PlayTach.

How much do you hope to raise with the crowdfunding campaign?

Our campaign launched on September 7 with a goal of $10,000 in 35 days to help bring the PlayTach to market. We have until October 12 to reach our goal. We are already 30% funded as of September 12!

How do you plan to use the funds?

The funding will be used to complete product development to bring the PlayTach to market. This includes building the production-ready Android and iOS versions of the Interplay app and manufacturing costs as we prepare to get this product into the hands of customers.

Interplay PlayTach Smart Dog Crate

Anything else our readers should know about Interplay/PlayTach or this effort?

Goodies Included with Select Plans for Interplay’s PlayTach Smart Dog Crate

Although the PlayTach was designed as a crate accessory, it also works on its own for non-crating dog parents. They will simply purchase our stand, the PlayTach base, separately and install it anywhere in their home.

Our Kickstarter includes a variety of offers and rewards for our early backers, including up to 12 months of free use of the Interplay Premium app, saving up to $50 on PlayTach, the Premium Play plan, and more Again !

Click on here to explore the plans available with the PlayTach pre-order.

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