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Pet Supplies Plus Pet Store in Santa Clarita has a wide variety of funky, must-have toys supplies for our beloved dogs.

Pet Supplies Plus offers different brands of food, treats, toys, clothing, grooming products, supplies and flea control options to help your dog live a happy life.

At Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita, they carry both wet and dry food. You can also narrow your search by your dog’s age and size to find the perfect food for him.

At Pet Supplies Plus, they believe in giving your pets the freshest food with amazing flavor. That’s why they have refrigerated and freeze-dried foods where freshness is guaranteed.

Some of our furry friends may suffer from sensitive stomachs, which is why Pet Supplies Plus offers grain-free foods for a healthier and safer option.

Is life for your dog? Time for a trip to Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita

Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita offers delicious treats that are sure to excite any dog. At Pet Supplies Plus, you can find soft treats, long-lasting treats, dental chews, training treats, and even puppy treats.

Don’t let the word treat fool you into thinking you’re feeding your dog something unhealthy and try their appetizing jerky style of natural treats with only the best ingredients for your furry friend.

Santa Clarita Pet Shop

Let your dog roam the neighborhood in style with all the new clothes and apparel at Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita. The brand new summer collection also offers beautiful floral designs and festive accessories.

Pet Supplies Plus also offers different types of toys for different play methods. They have chew toys, plush toys, fetch toys, balls, tug/rope toys, puppy toys and to keep your dog, interactive toys.

With these amazing toys, your four-legged friend will never be bored, and he won’t chew your furniture or destroy your sofa cushions.

Pet Supplies Plus cares about your dogs and their hygiene, which is why they now offer different products for dental care, eye and ear care, first aid, grooming, pill boxes and vitamin supplements.

Giving your dog the best vitamins and hygiene care can cut down on those costly trips to the vet and allow him to live a long, healthy life.

In addition to these hygiene products, Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita also offers flea and tick control products like collars, shampoos and sprays, and garden treatments.

Pet Supplies Plus in Santa Clarita has the best foods, treats and hygiene products so your furry friends can enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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