Goldendoodle needs a home after spinal injury


Now that Ned is on the mend, he is ready to be adopted and find the right family.

Ned’s recovery is expected to take up to 12 weeks. MSPCA-Angell

A 2-year-old goldendoodle is looking for a new home after a freak accident injured his spine.

Ned was playing in his backyard on June 2 when he hit a retaining wall at high speed. The force caused a traumatic spinal injury, according to an MSPCA statement.

His owners were unprepared to handle his care and the lengthy healing process he will need. It was handed over to the MSPCA.

Now that Ned is on the mend, he is ready to be adopted and find the right family.

Over the past few years, goldendoodles have become a of the most popular dog breeds in the country. The breed is known to be social, easy-going, and friendly.

Since the dogs are so popular (and expensive to acquire as a designer breed), it’s rare to find a goldendoodle in a shelter. According to the MSPCA, Ned is only the fourth to come through their network of shelters in the past year.

Ned was given a strict treatment plan to follow for 12 weeks and will undergo follow-up health assessments while at the MSPCA adoption center in Jamaica Plain.

Shelter staff say the dog is active with a sunny disposition. He was neutered and gets along well with children.

According to the MSPCA, Ned would do best in a home where he is the only high-energy dog ​​because he needs quiet and rest to heal.

The MSPCA prioritizes potential adopters who have a close relationship with a veterinarian, as Ned will likely require follow-up care after his time at the MSPCA.

Anyone interested in Ned can apply to