Frustrated Defenders of Seattle Pet Cemetery Not Considered a Historic Landmark – KIRO 7 News Seattle

The Seattle Pet Cemetery was deemed a community landmark on Thursday. However, for months many have pleaded for the cemetery to be a historic monument so that the property would have more protections.

The King County Landmarks Commission’s decision means it recognized the cemetery’s value to the community, but did not consider it a historic landmark. The committee had a tie vote at last month’s meeting on the issue, which is why it was up for debate at the committee’s June meeting.

Many tuned in to Thursday’s board meeting. Many defenders say that while they appreciate the council’s gesture, they are unhappy with the decision.

“And we are trying to save the cemetery from redevelopment. And this is urgent. So that would be our timeline is that we move quickly and hope for the favor of the commissioners so that we can save the cemetery from redevelopment,” said Julie Seitz, a lawyer for the cemetery.

According to the commission, a property cannot be both a community landmark and a historical landmark. The commission pointed out that after the decision, the property could be put forward for historic nomination in the future. Seitz says cemetery advocates plan to start this process as soon as possible.