EPA orders Bamgania Pet Cremation Service of Lethbridge to stop horse burials at unlicensed landfill

Victoria’s environmental regulator has ordered a pet crematorium in the west of the state to stop burying racehorses after its unauthorized dump was found to be in breach of environmental rules.

Bamganie Pets Cremation Service is located in Lethbridge, 100 kilometers west of Melbourne.

Besides cremation, the company offered a “shared burial service” for pet owners where, as the ABC understands, dead pets were placed in a large pit on the property.

Sources told the ABC that trucks had been transporting dead horses and other animals to the back of the property for years, burying them in large unlined pits, and council and EPA show that the old landfill permit expired in 2011.

The ABC understands that racehorses are among those eliminated at the site.

In December, the ABC revealed that the company had been operating without a landfill license from the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) for a decade, prompting the regulator to investigate.

Now the EPA has ruled that dead animal waste buried at the site must be buried in a “lawful place” under the Environmental Protection Act.

The Bamgania Pet Cremation Service has been ordered to stop burying animals in its large grave.(ABC Ballarat: Rhiannon Stevens)

“The Bamgania burial site does not have the required permits for this activity,” an EPA spokesperson said.

The environmental agency said it met with VetPartners, the owners of Bamganie Pets Cremation Service, who “indicated they would comply with the law by stopping accepting animals for burial”.

“The EPA will maintain regulatory oversight of the closure and rehabilitation of the landfill,” the spokesperson said.

The horses race down the main straight.
Racehorses were cremated and buried at the site. (File photo)(AAP)

The service had advertised horse burials on its website, but that reference has now been removed, with pet and horse cremations the only service offered to pet owners, along with disposal of medical waste.

VetPartners has been contacted for comment.

A number of Racing Victoria approved equine vets have sent horses both cremated and buried to the facility.

Racing Victoria told the ABC last year it had asked its service providers to stop using the Bamganie Pets cremation service while the EPA investigated.

Racing Victoria has been contacted for comment.