Dreo’s new air purifier removes pet hair and dander quickly and effectively

To freshen the air quickly, the Dreo Macro Pro air purifier features TurboPure™ technology, combined with an innovative new air duct design. Room air circulates in no time as a 360-degree pressurized air intake system quickly moves air. Independently verified by AHAM, the Dreo air purifier is capable of 4.8 air changes per hour in a 283 square foot room. As a result, pet dander, odors and allergic reactions are no longer an issue for pet owners and you can breathe clean, fresh air anywhere in the home.

Deep filtration and automatic adjustment to refresh your indoor air

The Dreo Macro Pro air purifier is also equipped with a 3-stage high-efficiency filter, which includes an ultra-fine pre-filter, a true H13 HEPA filter and a high-efficiency activated carbon filter layer that removes 99, 97% of particles. greater than 0.3 microns – instantly banishing air particles.

The Dreo Macro Pro air purifier is designed for easy operation, its automatic mode solves the problem of the frequent need for inspection and adjustment. It senses the concentration of airborne pollutants with its on-board sensor and adjusts fan speed based on different concentrations maximizing purification efficiency allowing you to confidently entrust it with the most demanding air purification tasks.

Main characteristics:

  • TurboPure™ technology with patented 360 degree airflow design
  • 3-stage filtration down to 0.3 μm
  • Automatic mode to set and forget use
  • Energy Star certified
  • Ultra-quiet 20dB sleep mode

For more information on the Dreo Macro Pro air purifier, please visit the Dreo website or Amazon here.


Dreo is a brand of modern home appliances that seeks to create a balance between technology and lifestyle.

With a unique philosophy that places Air at the heart. Dreo has reshaped different segments of the home appliance category with products such as tower fans, air purifiers, heaters and air conditioners.

Our ultimate ambition is to make every home living experience a delightful breeze.

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