DOGTV Goes Cats June 4-11, 2022

Cat Week on DOGTV June 4-11, 2022


The week-long promotion will feature special programs and expert tips to celebrate cats everywhere!

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, June 1, 2022 / — DOGTVthe first channel scientifically designed to relax and enrich the lives of dogs, will spend a week celebrating their feline friends around the world.

From June 4-11, DOGTV will host a week-long promotion celebrating cats that will feature special programs designed to entertain cats, expert pet tips, a pet parent quiz to find out “What type of dog is your cat?” and a Cat Week Meme Caption Contest.

Tips on how to be the best pet parent – for dogs and cats – will come from pet experts Dr. Adam Christman, DVM/Chief Veterinary Officer at MJH Life Sciences™, Dr. Hunter Finn, DVM/Tik Tok Influencer, Arden Moore, Author/Pet Health and Safety Coach and Amber Aquart, Certified Professional Dog Trainer.

DOGTV has teamed up with partners Baxterboo, I Can Has Cheezburger, The Catington Post, Catit, Trusted Housesitters, Unique Pet Care and Yeowww! Catnip for providing great prizes for the Cat Meme Caption contest.

Finally, cat parents can take the question “What breed of dog is your cat?” quiz to see how their cat’s behavior aligns with some of the top dog breeds. The contest, quiz and special one (1) month free subscription to DOGTV can all be found by visiting

Beke Lubeach, Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer of DOGTV, said, “We know that over 25% of households with pets have both a dog and a cat in residence. Cat Week allows us to celebrate cats and the bond that many dogs and cats have with each other. If dogs and cats can live together in harmony, then shouldn’t we all be able to? »

DOGTV now offers hundreds of fun, educational and entertaining programs for pet parents, including shows like Road Dogs, The Happy Puppy with Dr. Courtney Campbell, Be Active with Laura Nativo and Tricks for Treats with Chrissy Joy. Additionally, the network recently began airing its first full-season series this year. “Paws for Love” and “The Dog Chef” are 10-episode series available on the channel.

DOGTV is now available in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, and South Korea through cable and satellite providers and Direct To Consumer through their app available on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV, iOS, and iOS devices. Android everywhere. The channel also has a strong online and social media presence.

DOGTV’s approach to pet enrichment is based on over 60 scientific studies. The channel’s content focuses on behavior and how visual stimuli can impact it, ways to help dogs deal with anxiety, and stimulation and enrichment through music and sound. . There are 5 patents on various aspects of content production.

DOGTV is a 24/7 channel with programs scientifically developed to provide good company for dogs when left alone. Through years of research by some of the world’s top pet experts, special content has been created to address the specific attributes of a dog’s sense of vision and hearing and which supports their natural behaviors. . The result: a confident and happy dog ​​that is less likely to develop stress, separation anxiety or other related issues.

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Cat Week on DOGTV