Dog news: Woman forced to abandon her beloved pet finds she was left starving and blind | Nature | News

Shireen Rodgers, from Garstang, Lancashire, bought Siberian husky Ely in 2016 but made the heartbreaking decision to rehome her two years later after complaints from the business below her flat about her animal pet screaming when she was out.

Last month Ms Rodgers received an out of the blue call from a Blackpool vet saying an emaciated dog with her details on the microchip had been brought to them by a member of the public.

The mum-of-two, who now lives in a new home, rushed to pick up Ely and vowed to nurse the eight-year-old dog to health.

Ms Rodgers said: ‘I got a missed phone call from a vet in Blackpool and they said ‘we have a dog here who is microchipped to you’ and it was Ely.

“I explained the situation and the vet said ‘she’s pretty underweight and sick’ so I said I’d come get her.

“They explained that she was in poor health and was blind, which was heartbreaking because she’s not an old dog. She shouldn’t be blind.

“They brought her in and it was awful – she looked like she was dead. She was literally just bones with a fur coat stretched over the top.

“The only thing that would have been recognizable would have been his blue eyes and they were also gone.

“When they brought her in, she obviously couldn’t see me, but she came straight up and smelled me for a while, then her cock started wagging like hell.

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“I asked them to keep in touch but they never did and I felt like I was overdoing it so I decided I had to let go.”

Ms Rodgers now has another dog, Bailey the Labrador, who helps guide Ely around the house.

Ely had developed severe diabetes which had not been treated and which had caused cataracts in his eyes.

She will now receive two insulin injections a day for the rest of her life to manage the disease

Mrs. Rodgers is raises £6,000 for surgery to remove cataracts from Ely’s eyes in the hope that she can regain her sight.

She said: “We were sad to see her in this condition, but we’ve overcome the sadness now and are excited to get her back on track and make more memories with her.

“She’s perked up a lot since starting the insulin shots and she even tried to give me a little scream, bless her, she’s definitely recovering on her own.”

Ms Rodgers added: ‘I will never forgive myself, I just wish I never relocated her in the first place, but we will definitely make up for it now.’