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SAN DIEGO – So you say you love your dog, but have you ever thrown your pet a “Bark Mitzvah”? In this Zevely area, I went to Golden Hill for a special celebration.

“It’s Saki,” Deidra Cooper said, presenting her adorable 13-year-old Shiba Inu. “Not only is it his birthday, it’s his Bark Mitzvah.”

On the occasion of this special, you invite all of your dog’s friends. “These are all her friends,” Deidra said.

Then, of course, you invite your friends.

“Hey, girl,” Deidra laughed, hugging friends and family as well.

“Oh, I’m Saki’s grandmother,” a guest said, adding, “This is the first Bark Mitzvah I’ve ever seen.”

We have heard a lot of people say that. I mean, a Bark Mitzvah?

“I thought it was genius,” said another guest. Here are some of the comments I heard:

“We have come to bring gifts.”

“I thought, ‘oh my God,’ this is the most American thing that can ever be.”

To clear up any confusion, Saki’s mother clarified Deidra. “When a boy is 13 it’s his Bar Mitzvah, when a girl is 13 it’s her Bat Mitzvah, but it’s a Bark Mitzvah,” Deidra said.

I asked him if his friends threw Bark Mitzvahs. “Not that I know of,” Deidra laughed.

A coming-of-age celebration like this might set off a new trend, or not. “He’s a bit of an agnostic,” said the owner of a dog named Frank.

In case you were wondering, the puppy’s favors come first, then the food.

“This one, do you want this one?” Deidra asked as she handed out gifts to the dogs.

She has thought of everything. “I’ve thought of everything. In fact, come take a look at the set,” Deidra said. “This is the human food side, and this is the dog side.”

Dog food looked more expensive than human food. “It probably is, in fact,” says Deidra.

But before they broke bread, Deidra’s boyfriend Steve Kader gave a blessing. “Thank you all for coming,” Steve said. “We say baruch adonai olam.”

Then Deidra said, “Paws-el tov.”

“Everything I do is overkill and on top of that, I’m a hairdresser,” Deidra said. She “dressed” this party well and crowned it with a cake.

“The cake is kosher,” assured a guest.

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“All dogs are special, but Saki is really, really unique. He’s a good boy,” Deidra said.

Saki didn’t like her cake, but Deidra said it was okay for him to be difficult. She loves him no matter what.

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“Mazel tov,” yelled the guests.

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