Dog locked in a cage and abandoned on the side of the road, found covered in vomit

A dog was found locked in a cage and abandoned by the roadside in London, UK.

Kimberly Beavis, 30, found the frightened chow chow woman on March 22 as she returned from a grocery store with her partner, Justin Redman, 34, My London reported.

While driving over Kew Bridge, located to the southwest of the city, Beavis spotted the abandoned dog crate on the side of the road. The dog was dirty and huddled in the crate with no water or blanket, Beavis told local media.

“It was awful, I never thought I’d see anything like this in my life,” Beavis said. “The cage had padlocks on it. She had a cut on her face. She had wolf eyes but she didn’t look malnourished.”

A file photo shows a Chow Chow. The dog of the same breed was found abandoned on the side of the road.
Andrei Danilov/Getty Images

Beavis and her partner brought the dog home where it took hours to clean her up, she told MyLondon. The dog was skittish, she said, but didn’t seem vicious.

The dog was handed over to the Blue Cross Animal Welfare charity, where they discovered the dog was microchipped.

Beavis told MyLondon she believes the dog was stolen from its owner for breeding purposes and then dumped. However, she also feared that her owners were the ones who abandoned her.

A Blue Cross spokesperson said Newsweek they were “very happy” to provide the dog with the medical care she needs. He said he would work alongside the council to find the rightful owner of the dog.

“If no one has come forward as his owner after the seven-day period, we would be more than happy to welcome him to Blue Cross to find him a happy and loving home,” the spokesperson said.

From September 2021 pet theft became a criminal offense in the UK as it increased during the COVID pandemic.

In 2020, the UK government reported that 2,000 dogs were reported stolen to police. During the lockdown, the demand for pets increased and the price of certain dog breeds increased by 89%. The UK government said this could have encouraged criminals to steal dogs for breeding purposes.

“I asked [the Blue Cross] what if [the owners] are the ones who did this, how can you guarantee that you will not return her to those who did this to her? They promised it would never happen,” Beavis told MyLondon.

Beavis said she hoped the dog was stolen and she would eventually find its rightful owner.

“If someone doesn’t show up, I want her for myself, because I literally fell in love,” Beavis said.