Dog breeds for families: 5 friendly puppies that are perfect with children

Georgia Brown

Presentation of a animals in your home when you have children should never be taken lightly, especially when it comes to choosing the right breed for your lifestyle.

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With proper training, everything dog can be safely accommodated in a home with young children, but it goes without saying that some breeds have a temperament and constitution that make them more suited to a family environment.

What makes a dog breed suitable for a home environment?

If you are looking to share your home with a puppy and a child, it may be easier to choose a dog breed with a calm and even temperament. Your furry friend should be calm and patient enough that they can cope with the excitement of young children and become a loyal companion to your little ones.

Choosing an appropriately sized breed is important when it comes to a home environment. Miniature breeds are extremely fragile and can injure themselves around excitable children, while larger breeds tend to be much more docile, they can also be harsher with their playtime and risk injuring a younger child due to of their size.

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Be sure to determine if your family could handle a high-energy dog ​​that requires a lot of exercise before choosing your breed. Also, it should be noted that extremely docile dog breeds can be scared or overwhelmed in a hectic home environment.

Most importantly, teaching your children to be nice to dogs will go a long way in ensuring a harmonious home.

Best dog breeds for families

Golden retriever

Golden retriever

Despite their large size, Goldies are neither aggressive nor shy. This adorable breed is also extremely patient, making them a perfect match for children. Golden Retrievers are a docile breed and generally don’t need a lot of exercise, but they are very playful and obedient! Your kids will love teaching this gentle loving giant tricks.



Mixture between two very docile breeds, the Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle, the Cockapoos fit perfectly into a family environment. Their friendly nature and medium size make them excellent dogs for families, and they will thrive in a family environment with children, lots of attention, socialization and training.

Basset hound

basset hound

If those classic puppy eyes don’t woo you, then the large floppy ears of a Basset Hound certainly will. These docile puppies are extremely loyal, low-maintenance dogs who are comfortable not being the center of attention – unlike other breeds who might become jealous of babies or young children who fly all over the place. attention from the family.

Border collie


Collies are renowned for their company, which makes them an extremely lovable breed. These athletic dogs require a lot of exercise, so they would be best suited for an active family wanting to take the children out for dog walks.

Jack russell


Jack Russell Terriers make excellent pets because of their loving nature. These four-legged friends have the ability to bond with all family members and love to snuggle up with young children for warmth. They strive to please their owners and make loyal and protective pets.

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