Dalkeith dog honored with charity award for outstanding support

Yohann, who lives with his owner Amanda Wells in Dalkeith, received the Bramble Craddock Award for his contributions to the Pet Blood Bank and for helping save other dogs’ lives by donating blood.

The Heart of Pet Blood Bank Awards are intended to reward inspiring people and dogs who go the extra mile to support the charity.

The Bramble Craddock Award category celebrates the wonderful role dogs play in our lives. It was created in honor of one of the charity’s most donating dogs, who sadly passed away.

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Dalkeith dog Yohann with his Pet Blood Bank Bramble Craddock Award for being an outstanding dog, both for his contributions to the charity and his support of his family.

Yohann had a difficult start. He was born into a racing life and shortly before his second birthday he damaged his tendon on the track. A new injury then led to the amputation of one of his legs. This ended his racing career, before he was rescued by his beloved owner Amanda.

After being relocated, Yohann became a blood donor and has donated 16 times so far for Pet Blood Bank. On top of that, Yohanna is still the standard bearer for blood-donating greyhounds and his story has encouraged many others to register their dogs.

He may only have three legs, but Yohanna has a huge heart and with the support of his owner, he has had such a big impact on the lives of other dogs by donating blood and raising awareness that dogs can donate blood.

Yohann and Amanda received their award at a virtual awards ceremony hosted by Pet Blood Bank.

Nicole Osborne from Pet Blood Bank UK said: “We are delighted to present this award to Yohann and his owner Amanda in recognition of their outstanding support of our charity.

“Yohann, like many of our donor dogs, is truly at the heart of Pet Blood Bank. He is a very worthy winner of this award, and we are so grateful for all that he and Amanda have done for us.

Pet Blood Bank is the only charity providing a vital blood service for all dogs in the UK.

Much like the Human Blood Service, dog owners kindly bring their beloved companions to donate blood at one of the charity’s many donation sessions across the country.

This blood is then processed and stored, ready to be sent to veterinarians when they need it for a patient. Blood is truly lifesaving, with each donation having the potential to help save up to four more dogs.

More and more dog donors are needed to meet the growing demand for blood products. If you have a happy, healthy and confident dog between 1 and 8 years old and weighing over 25 kg, it could be a lifesaver.